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Advertise free your used equipment, used trucks, trailers or your used farm equipment at MinuteMachine Inc.
MinuteMachine is one of the leading marketplaces for adverts of used equipment worldwide. If you have any machine or truck for sale, or if you are dealing with used equipment, we can provide you with lots of features and our international reach in order to support your product sales.
You can try all our services during 10 days for free and without obligations.
Automatic Data Transfer
Many companies have an large used equipment inventory or a high rotation of it, However, it is essential for the proper functioning of, the engine constantly up-to-date to keep. This will increase your success rate.
We can offer you three different possibilities to up-date your stock automatically:

If you have a company website where you regularly update your used equipment inventory, we offer an automatic transfer of the data and photos from your homepage to MinuteMachine on a weekly basis.
We develop a customized application for you which "reads" the information on your Website and includes all data automaticallly to


If you have your equipment details organized by Excel Sheets in a systematic way, please get in contact with us in order to check, if an automatic data transfer via ftp-account is possible.
Please send us your stocklist and some photos as an exampe to
We will check if an automatic up-date can be realized and we will get back to you.


If you do not have a company website or, if you have one, but without your used equipment on it, we recommend you MinuteStock.
We design or redesign the section "used equipment" on your company's website.
This way,you can use MinuteMachine´s master and detail screen, as well as the adding system. MinuteStock is available in 14 languages for your website.

Our pricelist
Languages Duration Register to service Price
1 language 12 months 200 100 Order now
Up to 3 languages 12 months 200 200 Order now
Up to 14 languages 12 months 200 350 Order now
Use MinutePosition to accelerate your equipment sales. Adverts which are activated with MinutePosition are visible as striking ads and will receive more visits from potential customers, hence you have higher sale possibilities.
We offer three different alternatives to place a striking advert:
On the Homepage

Your advert will appear on MinuteMachine´s homepage. Most visitors enter through this site.

Position your adverts

Your advert will appear on the top of the results listings of a specific search.

Attract visitor to your advert

Your advert will appear as a striking advert in the result list of a specific search.

Advertsing and Marketing alternatives
We offer different possibilities for Online Marketing Campaigns for companies, whose target audience match with the visitors of MinuteMachine.
Depending on your purposes, we offer several alternatives:

Textbanner that appear on the side of the results listings


Flash Graphic Banners that appear on the side of the result listings, "sponsoring" a brand.


Big Super Banners that appear world wide, rotating in almost any page of MinuteMachine.


Exclusive Banner on the Homepage of MinuteMachine, optimized for a country of your choice.

MinuteMachine is specialised in web solutions for companies of the construction equipment and truck sector.
If you are thinking of developing or renewing your website, please contact us in order to get an individual proposal without compromise.
Simple Websites > MinuteWeb

A simple structured and low-cost website for small companies.

Individual Webdesign

Individual Website Projects - present us your ideas for your website. We offer solutions to your individual requirements.

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